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Week THREE – United Way Cape & Islands Week

Week three of Dream Day was the annual Cape Cod Day Camp Week. We hosted five separate groups from the local area. Each group brought dozens of children at a time, all with smiles on their faces as they got to enjoy a break from their usual schedule. 
The campers were showed around Rafe Pond. Many fish were caught, along with Urtle, unfortunately. When our snapping turtle gets caught on the line, it can be frightening, but as always, the campers were calm and the counselors handled the situation with grace. Some visitors even got the chance to go canoeing for the first time. The breezy conditions added for a refreshing cruise on the pond. 
Up at arts and crafts was “Pet Rock” making. With beautiful exemplars from a camp volunteer, it was easy for the kids to paint the rocks in a creative fashion. Googly eyes were then glued on to really make the pet rocks come alive. At the end of the activity, every camper left with a new friend to play with. 
The last activity the campers got to enjoy was archery. They were able to use our handmade crossbow stand to shoot at the target. The stand makes it much easier for children with disabilities to be a part of something they wouldn’t normally be able to do. A lot of the enjoyment came from when the kids realized they were doing a sport they had only seen in the movies. All of the campers smiled when the counselors called them Katniss Everdeen or Merida. 
We would like to give so many thank you’s to Cape Cod Collaborative, the Cape Cod Challenger Group, Monomoy Schools, Nauset Schools, and the Latham Group for making day camp week so enjoyable. And to the United Way of Cape & Islands for sponsoring the week! It was wonderful to see the local families and children being able to be a part of Dream Day. This Sunday we are back in the routine bringing in another eight families for a week of fun! 

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