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Family Eligibility and Attendance Policy

Dream Day welcomes seriously ill children and their families and is proud to serve the spectrum of diagnoses.

To be eligible for acceptance into Dream Day, a child [age 18 & under] must have a serious illness or a severe chronic medical condition that significantly affects their day-to-day existence. To be considered medically eligible for the program, a child must have a medical illness or condition that falls within one of the following categories:

  • Applicant has a life threatening medical illness
  • Condition significantly restricts mobility
  • Pain and discomfort from the condition cannot be controlled or surgically repaired
  • Condition requires significant and ongoing medical treatment
  • Condition is progressive
  • If the condition is not progressive, it must be current

Referrals come from a variety of sources: hospitals, clinics, schools, pediatricians and other health care providers, social workers, case managers, rehabilitation centers, and more.  Parent-caregiver networks are also a great source for support information. Additionally, we welcome self-referrals.  Call or email today to determine if Dream Day services are a good fit for your family or your potential referring family.

Dream Day makes it a priority to reach new families on a continual basis.   Service to Cape & Islands families is a priority as well. In order to meet the varied needs of our local families we also offer day options.  Contact us to find out what the best fit for your family might be!

It is our goal to bring a ray of sunshine to seriously ill children and their families.   In an effort to continually reach new families, Dream Day limits attendance at Camp Nan-Ke-Rafe for no more than two summers and at Holiday Weekend for no more than two years.  Thank you for your understanding and consideration in helping us meet our priority of offering our special program to as many families as possible.



  1. MaryAnn Hebert says:

    Can you put us on your short notice list. We have been our limit but my son loves it there. Me too!

  2. Melinda,

    I know that David Hudnall, our camp director reached out to answer your questions. Best to you!

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